QUICK SNIFF: Weird? According to whom?

I’m curious: What perfumes do you wear that other people think are weird? Are there any that even you think are weird but love anyway? Are there any you love BECAUSE they are such weirdos? What makes something “weird” anyway? For me, Bulgari Black still feels unpleasantly weird, no matter how hard I try to make friends with it. The industrial, rubber note mixed with vanilla simply does not compute to my nose no matter how much I long to throw myself into its strange arms.

Comment below if you’re so inclined.

Note: Though I usually post full essays on Sundays, these “quick sniffs” are a bite-sized, mid-week expression of questions I’m steeping. One of the most gratifying aspects of OtherWise so far has been the conversations it’s helped spur, so do jump in if you like. Oh, and please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if you aren’t yet utterly disgusted by social media. Oh, and I have no commercial interest in any of this; it’s just less lonely to have followers.

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