Quick Sniff: Signature scent? No way! But…..

It seems to me that most serious perfume-heads reject the notion of a signature scent because we are drawn to such a wide array of perfumes. Though I am in this category, sometimes I entertain the fantasy of finding a single scent that feels “like me.” I think this is partly a reflection of my attraction to minimalism, but that I may also occasionally desire the comfort of a more stable, consistent, “reliable” identity. To be clear, I do function with a unified personality, and I generally love the whole eclectic-pastiche thing. But once in a while, the idea of a single bottle — a more straightforward, simpler me? — still calls out to me….

I’m curious: What do you think about the prospect of a single, special scent that comes — both by you and by others — to be strongly associated with you? How does your attitude about this relate to your more general approach to maintaining a consistent fashion style that, for example, might include “signature pieces”? How much do you think folks’ desire to have a “signature scent” or “signature style” are, as Sr. de la Renta suggests, about wanting to make a memorable impression on other people? If you enjoy having a more fluid, even eccentric, style and identity, what limits do you have? At what point, if any, do you (or others?) feel you have strayed too far from the “real you”?

Comment below if you’re so inclined.

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