QUICK SNIFF: A bias against cheapies?

Though Fancy Nights is a darling of the fragcom, I don’t just dislike it, I find it deeply distasteful. Since there’s nothing in particular about the relationship of notes that should make me react so negatively, it has occurred to me that part of my negativity may be rooted in snobbish bias. I mean, not only is Fancy Nights dirt cheap, it comes in a bottle that (I think) advertises its low birth. Even though there are some perfumes that I suspect I actually like MORE because they’re cheap — so satisfying to find a bargain — for example, 4711, it just ain’t happening for me with this Jessica Simpson release.

I’m curious: How much does a perfume’s provenance impact your assessment of how good it is? Do you ever find your ability to really enjoy a fragrance shaped by factors like price and availability? Are there some that you love not just in spite of their cheapness, but because of it? How much of our reaction to perfumes is shaped by unconscious snobbism (and reverse snobbism!)? Please comment below if you’re so inclined.

4 thoughts on “QUICK SNIFF: A bias against cheapies?

  1. I am not sure it is a bias against cheaper perfumes as much as that I find most of them obnoxious and /or boring, That said, there are some designer scents which I own and wear regularly. Such as Bottega Veneta and Cartier Basier Vole. And I am also a big fan of 4711!


  2. I agree with you, NancySG, except that I think I have less confidence in my capacity to be certain that I’m uninfluenced by things like price points. So, though I may believe that I am making decisions based on reasonable factors, I’m also aware that my judgments are unconsciously shaped in lots of ways, and so suspicious of myself. FWIW, I also really love Bottega Veneta….a real favorite!


  3. I’m doing the opposite at the moment. I’m already developing a bias against luxury products, always thinking this is some kinda of money grab to swindle money from unsuspecting fools.
    I don’t have such a bias against cheapies because i think they priced what they are. I seem to be approaching all of these from a value perspective (which is quite complex).


  4. I think your point about the complexity of a “value perspective” is super important. For example, I’ve got a strong bias against some of the high end perfume houses (e.g., Creed and Kilian) connected to their, um, pricing strategies. But there are other brands that are maybe just as expensive, say, per ml, that I’m willing to buy. For many folks, no doubt, the positive association with “Creed” makes them value it more while, for me, it’s a flat out negative. Thanks for taking the time to comment again, Gunetal24!


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